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What is a Foam Party?

Foam parties are the new, most entertaining way to spend a party. With dancing, music, an awesome atmosphere, and tons upon tons of foam, how could this NOT be a great way to spend a party? But, even with its growing popularity, foam parties have yet to hit the national spotlight and thus, for many, may be a complete enigma. After all, Foam Machines—the devices that make this party tick—are somewhat new technology, and are just starting to be accessible by the general public.

So, it’s time to address the question that everyone is asking: what is a Foam Party? In general, a foam party is a dance party with lots and lots (and lots) of glorious foam! Fed into a machine with a specially designed bubble solvent, this foam cascades onto the dance floor in droves and drapes the party goers in a blanket of foamy goodness. All the while, lights flash, music blares, and everyone dances their hearts out till the night is through; it truly is a fantastic way to spend a party!

No matter if you are having a graduation party, throwing a birthday party, or celebrating a national holiday—like 4th of July or even Thanksgiving—a foam party is a perfect way to celebrate it, and will leave you memories that last a lifetime! In the end, all it takes is a dance floor, some great beats (supplied by a DJ), your best swim attire, and, of course, a Foam Daddy Foam Machine, the best on the market for the best party you’ll ever have. Put it all together, along with some of your closest friends (and their closest friends, and their closest friends, etc. etc.) and you get a night that you will always remember!

There really isn’t anything better than a foam party, so go out and get your Foam Daddy Foam Machine and start partying. Your friends are waiting!

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