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What Are Paint Parties??

When you’re looking for an amazing way to throw a party, you have many different things you can do. From live music, to a simple get together, the choices go on and on; however, in this realm of party planning, there are only so many things that can actually be considered “unique”. Now, you may think uniqueness is overrated, or something that you really shouldn’t have to worry about. After all, if people have fun, does it really matter how different your party is at the end of the day? Well, in our opinion, yes it does, and that is where the paint party comes into play.

Paint parties are the most unique and interesting party theme that has stormed onto the scene in recent years. They are enjoyable, different, and, by giving people a chance to completely cut loose, you get a night that no one will ever forget. Yes, by combining music, alcohol, and a ton of paint, you could have a party that people talk about for years! However, that’s only if you do it right. There is a ton of preparation involved, especially if you are planning one with tons of guests. With this in mind, here are a few things to keep in mind when you begin planning your very own paint party.

1.   Dress Code! Yes, it may seem that a dress code doesn’t quite fit with the idea of “cutting loose”, but, truly, for this night to really be what it’s supposed to be, you need to have at least a somewhat enforced dress code! Make everyone wear white so, when the night is done, there’s a multicolored parade of happy party goers. Remember; a big part of the paint party is the artistic shock value at the end of the night. If people don’t wear white, this effect will be lost.

2.   Plan for size: A lot of things at this party (i.e. volume of paint, size of location, etc.) depend upon how many people you invite. Have at least a general idea of how many people you want there before you do anything else. This is very important!

3.   Find a location: Once you know how many people are coming, get a location that can fit that many people. Whether it’s a backyard or a public park, it needs to have enough room for people to run around and enjoy themselves. Just make sure it’s not too cramped or too big.

4.   Get music: Live music, DJ, CD player, whatever; just make sure there’s something playing in the background while people get their paint on. This is one of the best parts about a paint party and, in all honesty, it isn’t a paint party without it.

5.   PAINT! Without a doubt, this is the most important part of the night. You must buy a ton of paint (non-toxic and removable) for people to throw all over each other. Just make sure you get it in varied colors, and in a large volume; the more paint, the better!

Other than that, just have fun! Paint parties are a great way to spend a night, so don’t get too caught up in the details. If you don’t have fun, you’re missing the point! Good luck party planner!

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