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Disc Jockeys

One of my best friends is a disk jockey, and I’ve followed him around to his gigs, and I’ve learned so much about being a DJ, and I’ve concluded that it’s a lot of fun!

Disk jockeys play music via computer or vinyl or CDs or a combo of all of them. They use special DJ setups that help them to mix and synthesize music. They get the chance to mix old songs with new ones, add in beats and other sounds with their dj equipment, and they generally get a crowd moving!

Disc jockeys generally have a shared love of music. The most popular DJs travel the world and go to exotic places to play their music. Some of the most famous electronic djs have people that follow them from all over the globe! It’s like they are their own band or group, but it’s just them, their headphones, and their tunes.

I love going to hear my friend mix up main stream songs that are on the radio, speeding them up or slowing them down and mixing in more beats or other sounds. For a music lover, it is heaven to hear radio songs made more interesting, and sometimes even better by the dj!

Find a disk jockey for your next party right here on My Party Planner – you’ll be glad you did! They provide entertainment and will give your party flare! Use our search tool by typing in your city and state (ex. Detroit, MI or Dallas, Texas) and you will be instantly connected to djs in your area.