Sound Sensation Entertainment

2017 has been an ok year for you, but right about now you’re beginning to feel the momentum changing. From so-so to simply sassy, you’re about to show the world what’s wonderful about you! Starting with your annual holiday party, which we have already glammed up, this year you are going to do all the things you’ve never been brave enough to try before, and we’re going to help! Isn’t it time you colored outside the lines? If your answer is yes (and we both know it should be!), this is how you are going to do it!

Busting Your Signature Moves

You’ve practiced in front of the mirror for years and you know you are good, so why do you sit on the sidelines and watch all the others have all the fun? Your Sound Sensation Entertainment DJ is playing ALL the songs you know by heart; slip on that single white glove, tip your fedora to a rakish angle, and funk the night away!?

This is Your Night to Shine

The twinkle lights are blinking, and your eyes are sparkling in their gleam. You’ve spent a lot of time and effort on looking your best—let’s make this party shine! Our custom lighting allows you to be in the spotlight as you celebrate the beginning of the best year of your life!

Put Yourself in the Picture

As you look through your photo albums, are you noticing something missing? Your friends look great, your family is fierce, but where are the pictures of you? Don’t be shy, this year choose the Open Air Photo Booth with a greenscreen backdrop and show everyone that you really are a superstar! Ham it up alone, or join in the fun with all your friends. This night is yours and the fun times will never end!

And Most of All, Have Fun!

Too many years have passed with you worrying about your guests having a good time, but this time you have us to keep the groove going while you put the ‘she’ in the night’s shenanigans!

But Don’t Forget to Give Us a Call

If you wait too long, your chance to shine may be tarnished! Schedule an appointment with us today and discover what it’s like to have fun at your own party!

For more information about planning a killer holiday party – with photobooths, lighting, and more – head on over to Sound Sensations Ent today!

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Live DJ Events – Award Winning Mobile DJ

Live Dj Events

Spring is here and so are parties from graduation to weddings and everything in between. The one thing you really want to research is if you are hiring a DJ. Look for one that is professional and has been in the the industry for many years. If you are looking for that perfect DJ and are in the Springfield, MO area look no farther than Live DJ Events. “Let him get your party rolling”. Besides being a professional DJ he has audio visual services and audio equipment available to rent as well as lighting rentals. Let him be your DJ, Master of Ceremonies or get you Karaoke party started.

Live Events DJ is “More Than Just A DJ”. Live Events is a mobile DJ service that also does emcee work besides being a professional DJ. They will apply their years of knowledge to make your event one that people will be talking about for years to come. With over 18 years of experience, you can count on Dennis Cox to put on a 1st class party for you and your guests.

Before you choose a DJ go to their profile page on check out their photo’s and videos to see what type of entertainment your guests will receive. Spend time with the DJ in order for him to tailor the music to the age of your guests. Nothing worse than having the DJ play what he wants to hear and to drive your guests crazy. Live Events DJ will go that extra step by meeting with you and laying out a plan for what type of event needs you will have.

Don’t be price driven when choosing a DJ. Here is where the old adage really pays off with the saying “You get what you pay for” comes into play. Put quality always on the top of your priorities. The last thing you want is the DJ showing up late or worse yet under the influence. Don’t be afraid to ask for references from the company you hire and if they can’t provide any, move onto the next person. You want someone with the best sound system and types of music available and someone who really knows what the DJ business is all about.

To find out more about the company mentioned above go to, click on type of vendor and your city and state. You will also find a host of other things to make your party POP from vendors for invitations, cakes, table rentals, venues and so much more.

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One Stop Shopping For A Golf Tournament!

Over the years when you wanted to put on a golf tournament either as part or a convention or a fund raiser, you had to go to each course to get the best deal.? Welcome to the 21st century and check out Best Outings. Their motto is Point, Click and Golf!? This company is a one stop company for all golf events.? It is Nationwide with courses in every state.? In popular golf states like AZ (162), Florida (131), California (226) and 116 in Colorado.? There are courses all over each state.? They represent some of the best courses in all cities across the US.

They can offer places to get prizes, trophies and all sorts of imprintables such as shirts, hats, balls and anything else you can think of.? Need a source for Hole-In-One insurance, they have sources for it.? Have a per person budget, they can help you find a course to fit that budget.

I have been golfing since I was 14 and have been in city tournaments and played in charity and convention golf tournaments since that age and I have never seen such a well organized company.

Have a question about a particular course, they have the answers.? If you want to know the track record on a course such as how many events a year they put on and is their staff well trained… they can help you there as well.

It is so simple, click here then locate the sate you are interested in and find all the information you will need to plan and compare different courses.? You can even see the current temperature at some of the courses in case you want to plan a tournament for next fall.? Need lodging, you can find which resorts have complete facilities.

Or you can visit directly and view pictures of the course and it’s facilities or book a tee time, this is one awesome company.? If you are a company say in Wisconsin and want to have an event in Arizona for your top clients, this site is for you.? It is like taking a golfing vacation without leaving the computer.? This site is beneficial even if you are on vacation in Scottsdale for example, you can use it to see the best courses to play on.? Plan a golfing vacation around what you find out on their sites.

Personally, I have played on many of these courses over the years across the Western states and the pictures are true to what the course looks like.? Please, if you are in charge of an event, check out Best Outings and start getting your game on.

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It seems it won’t be long and football season will be upon us. The teams are already gearing up for the fall training camps. For folks, living for example in Arizona, this means practice in the high country of Flagstaff. Benefits for the city of Flagstaff are huge with income coming from hotels, restaurants and retail. Benefits to the people attending the practice means a couple of things…cooling off and having a change of great restaurants and micro breweries.

Before heading off to one of the training cities, make sure you have your hotel reservations well in advance and especially if it is a college town. It is pretty much impossible to get a room without a reservation way in advance. Many parents will be sending their young adults off to college for the first time in August, so this will give them time to see where their children will be spending their days and nights.

Make sure you take in all of the sites of the city where you child is going to school in as so many are regions that have so much to offer for tourists. Grand Canyon, California wineries, Oregon and Washington coastlines, Florida’s Disney World and beaches are just to name a few.

Now… the big days comes…. the kids are off to college and you are going to use those season pass tickets for some football. With that comes the “Tailgate Party”! You can have your food catered or you can do it yourself, either way, it will be so much fun.

Perhaps go to a local party store or go online to buy team trinkets. Showing your teams colors is a great way to start the party off. Your guests can take these things to the game as well. Get a table cloth in your team’s colors. If you are going to do these for every game, I would go to a craft or fabric store and buy material that you can have cut to fit your serving table and then just clean it after every game. Many have fabrics with the logos of the teams printed on them.

Most teams allow BBQ’s in the parking lot, but you should always check first. Personally I would prefer to have it catered as that way I can enjoy my guests and not have to clean up afterward.

Start with some snacks of nuts, cheese and pretzel’s (maybe buy some of those big ones) and some fresh fruit. On the menu is a staple of Bloody Mary’s, Mimosa’s, ice cold beer and wine. Finger food, hamburgers, hot dogs, Wisconsin Brats or maybe that favorite caterer has smoked brisket or pulled pork sami’s. Make sure you have something for those vegetarians in your life as well.

One of the worst thing about a football game is afterwards…. it is a zoo to leave. My suggestion is to have that caterer leave some delicious deserts for everyone to enjoy while the parking lot is clearing out. Perhaps have some coffee drinks to go with those deserts. As the season wears on the climates usually get colder (other than in Arizona) so you can adapt your after the game party accordingly.

Might be a fun thing to have someone take pictures and create an album for the guests especially if you have the same ones every game. Perhaps if your group is really large, have a mobile photo booth come out and take the candid shots. You can find businesses like this on

No matter what you do, just remember to be relaxed and your guests will be relaxed as well.

Have a great season, no matter which Green Bay Packer team you are cheering for, lol ;)

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Put Some Spice Into You Relationship

Are you tired of going to those expensive candle parties or apparel parties? Don’t like going to the local mall to buy things that make you and your partner put spark in you life?

Well, look no farther. If you don’t already know there are several in home parties, where in the comfort of your friends and not some snoop clerk or other customers in the mall stores, you can find whatever you are looking for and in many cases take it home with you.

We recently attended a party and had so much fun. Everyone was laughing and have a great time and buying. These parties like most parties, have incentives for the hostess to get more orders. Our hostess had checked ahead of time as to what she wanted to get with her bonus and her sales were so good, she by far exceeded what she thought she could get.

Check out these in home parties, to see what you can find. They have a vast array of lotions and potions, apparel, candles and so much more. Go on line and check them out. You and your friends will have a great time.

One such place is “For Girls Only”. They have been in this business for a very long time and know how to put on a party. From the moment your hostess opens the door until the time you leave, you will have had a great time and will be rushing home to show your partner what all you found. There is no pushy clerk to deal with, it is in a relaxed home environment. All purchases are confidential and they consultants do take credit cards.

You can do a themed party such as, Beauty and Spa, Bridal Shower or Adult parties. The also carry fragrances and will do gift baskets. If you can’t find it here, you probably don’t need it!

After you have attended a party, you may want to become a consultant as you can do this in almost every one of the states in the US. Check them out and book your Girls Night Out Party.

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Passion, Artistry, Creativity and Connection! What do they have in common?

Everything. Being an artist, I have the driving passion to connect with the people around me. In everything I do, I put my heart and soul into it. With the people I meet I want them to know they are part of an every growing family. We are born alone but with me you feel like you are a part of a community.

If you will allow me to, I will transform and help you create you own unique and magical memories. This is where I get my passion from by making your special day or event one to last forever. From start to finish I am there for you and only you.

My style is artistic, full of life and color, tender, wild and I will capture a host of emotions. Through my eyes, you will see how the passion for what I do comes out.

With me you will feel totally relaxed and comfortable, as I want to you to look natural and to bring out the natural beauty you were given. Although I love all type of venues, my favorite venues are weddings and destination weddings. With me, you will have a compete package with a memories for a lifetime.

With weddings, I get to spend a lot of time with you and getting to know what you like and don’t like. We build a bond to get to know you and your family involved in that “Special Day”. This allow me to bring out the best in the entire wedding family.

I would ask that you look at my photo gallery to see what I can do to make everything so very special. These are only suggestions… the sky is the endless with ideas. Look at my website to see what else I have to offer. Where ever you are, I can be there for you. Let me turn my passion into your passionate day.
?If you are a familiar soul to the world of Henna artistry, consider this website a perennial invitation extended to an old friend. Here you can find information, new friends and means through which you and I can share our kindred spirits. If this is your first journey into the world of Henna, the previous offers of education and kinship are echoed to you along with an exuberant temptation to contact me. Whether I am in someones home, doing a cooperate event or on MTV my message and positive energy of Henna is always this…..No person is an island onto them selves.

My creative energies extend beyond my henna-making and application. I also do custom design work for permanent tattoos. I am a makeup artist, ordained minister, photographer, and mixed media artist that creates one time wear fashions.

Please take a minute to view my profile!

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Prom Season Is Here

It is hard to believe that it is almost prom time. Proms in this day and age can become very expensive with the rental of limos and dinners, etc. But it need not be that way. The prom parties that my grand kids loved were the ones held in their back yards or they did a make over in the garage. The fun for everyone was in the decorating. The kids can choose their theme and everyone can get together and make things. Of course there is still the “big dance” to go to, but for the after party just hang out.

Hire a caterer for the food of course so that the mom’s can enjoy the party as well. It can be a fancy sit down dinner or a buffet style. Have a lot of munches and snacks ahead of time as the boy will eat a lot. Make sure there is plenty of supervision as well all know teens!

If you have a pool, the kids can get out of those tuxes and pretty dresses and just have fun. A lot of kids do like to use this time to talk about their future as graduation is also just around the cornet. For many young people, this time may be the last they will all be together before summer vacation as in fall they will be heading off to college.

This is also a great time for the chaperons to spend time with everyone. In most cases these young adults have all grown up together and been involved in sports together, so everyone can talk about the good old days. Spend this precious time with these young adults and they will appreciate later on in life.

Again, get your party things from local party stores or even user a party planner, so that yo don’t forget any thing. If the dance is being held some distance from your party, make sure there is good transportation to your house. Most of all enjoy your self.

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May Wedding Season is Almost Here!

It is difficult to believe May is just around the corner. With May, what do you think of? Ah, weddings of course. How do you make your wedding the most wonderful thing of your life? First, one needs to think of where would you like to have your wedding. Personally, beside a beach wedding, I think my favorite is in the back yard. There is nothing more fun, than to have all of your family in a relaxed atmosphere and what better of a place than a home.

May Wedding - Bride and groom

You always need to research for the best caterer and cake maker. Many times word of mouth or perhaps a wedding that you attended can give you some help. The food need not be outrageously expensive, yet elegant. We catered out daughter’s wedding several years ago and it was a great deal of work but a lot of satisfaction. Most food can be done ahead and then heated the day of. Finger foods are always a great starter. If you are having the ceremony in the yard, it makes it even nicer as people don’t have be driving all over looking for you. The photographer can come out ahead of time and choose just the right settings for your “forever” photos. If you are using a DJ, ask he has a list of happy clients. Sometimes the DJ forgets who is audience is and needs to versatile. Maybe he likes acid rock, but doubt if most of the guests will.

As the bride, enlist your bridal party to help along with family members, to make a check list so that nothing is overlooked. Make sure your invitations go out 30 days ahead of time, to accommodate the out of town guests. You may want to give those people a list of hotels and B & B’s to stay at. Sometimes the hotel will give you a break on rates if you fill x amount of rooms. Delegate everyone a job, so that as the bride, you are not worn out by the time the big day comes. When it comes to decorating, that is something everyone can help with or there are services to do it for you, same to be said for the tables, chairs and utensils. Even if you don’t live in a place where it rains a lot…. be prepared with canopies or tents to be safe.

When it comes to beverages, I believe in keeping it simple. Have someone make a great punch both alcoholic and non alcoholic. You can keep costs down, but still make everyone happy by just serving wine and beer.
Wedding Sunset in Mexico
By enlisting everyone, they will also feel more a part of that “special” day for you. By ALL means, designate one person to log in gifts so that thank you cards can be sent out in a timely manner.

As I mentioned earlier, a beach wedding is magical. Mexico has so many wonderful beach resorts and if you happen to live in the Southwest, you can be there in 4 hours to Puerto Penasco. If cost is a factor, a beach wedding can cost a lot less than in a large hotel. Again, there are concierges to help you and wedding planners as well. They are all professional and have many resources to draw from. Weddings here are more personal, as many times things can be custom made. Just remember the same rules as above no matter what beach area you go to.

Now comes the big day… put that beautiful gown on and walk down the isle looking at your husband in a way you have none of down. Thank everyone for all the help and may you two be together forever!

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Halloween at MPP!

Halloween is getting closer and closer and even if it may seem that you’ve got a long way to go until the 31st of October, the truth is that the date is closer to you than it may appear at first. It’s that time of the year where your Halloween Party will be a win or a loss. Essentially being prepared and ready to surprise your guest with the most astonishing Halloween Party. If you want to throw a party nobody will forget, then you should make sure to plan things out ahead of time because every single detail will matter. At we provide you with everything you need to properly throw a Halloween bash. We have vendors ranging from live musical entertainment, catering, magicians, photographers, and much more. We will make sure you have the perfect Halloween Party. Our biggest suggestion is to have the party themed. Hosting a Halloween party without an actual theme is ok, but if you want people to remember your party for plenty of years to come, choosing a theme would ideally be a good idea. Having a theme is pretty important in the case that it makes your party more eventful. There are a huge number of possibilities when it comes to this and as long as you unleash your creativity, you can come up with your own great ideas as well. Enjoy this Halloween and let take care of your needs. It’s that time of the year where you should be able to let loose and enjoy yourself. We make everything easier not only for adult parties but for children parties as well.

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A Memorable Wedding in Yosemite National Park

As one of the most well-known and most spectacular national parks not only in the country, but in the world, Yosemite National Park with its acres of Giant Sequoia groves, famous Redwood trees, massive granite cliffs and flowing waterfalls and clear streams attracts visitors from all over the world to admire its beauty and grandeur.

Though millions of people visit Yosemite Valley every year, weddings in Yosemite are unlike other wedding experiences with a backdrop that’s hard to outdo. An actual wedding ceremony and celebration inside of Yosemite National Park at The Redwoods in Yosemite can be enjoyed with wedding venues inside the park including available vacation homes for wedding guests and family, breathtaking spaces to gather and set up and of course the perfect backdrop for ideal wedding pictures.

Though the whole of Yosemite National Park is protected by significant restrictions and regulations pertaining to their use, particularly for group gatherings such as reunions and weddings or parties of any sort. However, designated wedding venues and their accompanying land are able to offer far more lenient circumstances which allow the bride and groom and their family to enjoy a wedding celebration in a centrally located spot. A reception at a Park Service controlled spot may only allow up to 30 guests in total as well as the appropriate permits for vendor use and catering, however, a wedding in Yosemite at The Redwoods in Yosemite allows more freedom while still offering plenty of space and up to 80 special guests.

The Redwoods venue provides an Event Center, banquet tables and a 1,200 square foot deck that can accommodate up to 60 guests at a time and allows guests to dance dine under a sky full of stars. Vacation homes come in a variety of sizes for varying budgets and all come fully equipped so that friends and family and the bride and groom can enjoy a night’s experience together or even an extended stay in one of America’s most beautiful locations.

No additional fees are required nor are there any special permits needed to host weddings in Yosemite when the party is held at The Redwoods, which makes it even easier to plan one of life’s most memorable and meaningful events in one of the most iconic parks without the added hassle that would normally be associated with planning an event in a National Park.

Begin planning the wedding of your dreams by contacting The Redwoods to learn more on how a wedding in Yosemite National Park can be an especially memorable experience.

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